MMA Betting Sites

MMA Betting SitesDespite the fact that it is a relatively new sport, the term MMA was used for the first time only in 1993, MMA is one of the most popular sports today, mostly because it is unpredictable, fast and entertaining. Whenever a sport gains popularity, people start betting on it. And mixed martial arts are no different.

Virtually all UK bookmakers offer MMA in addition to football, tennis, horseracing and other more traditional sports. In fact, even operators that offer fewer sports always offer MMA due to their popularity. Many popular MMA fights are watched by hundreds of thousands of people in the UK and millions worldwide.

What Makes a Good MMA Betting Site?

If you’re interested in MMA betting, but you don’t know which bookmaker offers the best conditions, then you’re at the right place, because below we give you the top UK MMA betting sites. We don’t only check whether an operator offers MMA betting, we also check if they offer fair odds, if they cover a sufficient number of events and whether they offer favourable casino bonuses that can be used on MMA.

MMA Betting Sites

UFC is the most popular mixed martial art, but often other MMA events are also featured at UK top betting sites.

Types of MMA Bets

There are various types of bets and wagers that can make following an MMA fight much more interesting. In this section of the article we will take a look at the most commonly offered MMA betting options by reputable bookmakers.

Fight Outright

The fight outright betting market is easily the most popular MMA betting market as it is quite straightforward to understand even by people who don’t follow MMA. In this betting market the punter backs one of the fighters to come out of the fight as the winner.

As with other sports, betting on this market is available at all bookmakers that offer betting on MMA as one competitor winning over the other one is the most fundamental aspect of MMA fights. This means that if a bookmaker is offering betting on an MMA event, he is bound to offer betting on the fight outright market.

Method of Victory / Method of Result

The more high profile a fight is, the bigger the chances that bookmakers will offer other markets in addition to the fight outright market. The Method of Victory / Method of Result markets are that type of markets and they are considered as the preferred choice for experienced punters because betting on them requires specific knowledge of the form of each of the fighters, their previous head to head history and the style of fighting they utilize. Based on these factors a seasoned punter can predict the exact outcome of a fight and can be the benefactor of higher odds than if he were only to bet on the outright winner of the bout.

Round Betting

Reputable betting operators almost always offer their clients to also bet on exciting markets such as the round betting market. In this market, a betting enthusiast chooses a round in which he thinks his chosen competitor will win the bout and places a wager on it. Odds for this market are often very high as predicting the specific round in which victory will be achieved is really difficult.

Similarly, punters who are averse to predicting the winner of a bout and would much rather focus on the fight and its length often opt for markets which deal with betting on how many rounds there will be in a bout.

Fight to go the Distance

When a fight goes the distance it finishes with the full set of rounds played out. This means that if a betting enthusiast backs this betting option, he is basically expecting the match to go all the way and all of the rounds to take place. Matches in which there is a clear favourite rarely go the distance and the odds for the ‘Yes’ option are much higher than the ‘No’ option.

Points No Bet

A ‘Points No Bet’ market, is very similar to all ‘no bet’ markets, which state that if a given outcome occurs the punter gets his money back and the outcome in this case is for the match to be decided on points.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is only really applicable when all scheduled rounds of a bout are completed (when a fighter wins a bout by a knockout or technical knockout he is automatically a winner in the handicap market as well).
In the handicap market, one of the fighters gets additional points, while the other competitor is deducted a certain number of points. When the bout is over and the referees announce their scoring, these handicap points can be of crucial importance when deciding the winner in this market.

MMA Moneyline Bet

An MMA Moneyline Bet market is identical to the fight outcome market and it deals with which competitor will win the match. Oftentimes confusion arises when a punter tries to read the odds in a moneyline market, but this can easily be overcome with an online odds converter.

MMA Parlay Bet

A parlay bet is also known as an accumulator or a multiplier bet and as the name implies it is a wager with multiple MMA selections. For an MMA parlay bet to be successful, all of its individual selections have to be successful as well.

Live UFC Betting

Live betting is on the rise and UFC is no exception. There are various live betting selections which you can choose from once a bout has started and experienced punters often relish betting on a match once they get an insight into how the fight will play out.

Review of the Best MMA Betting Sites


10Bet is a popular betting site that offers betting on a range of popular MMA fights, both ones that take place on the day or the upcoming days, or even events that take place after a month or so. The available betting markets depend on the popularity of each event. Match betting is offered for every featured match, but you can also place other types of bets on more popular matches.

For example, you can bet in which round either player is going to win, whether the player who you think might win will win on points, or by decision and you can also bet on the total number of rounds, for example, whether there will be over or under 2.5 rounds.

All new punters can claim a bonus half of the amount of their original deposit, up to a maximum of £200. You need to wager your first deposit at least once at odds 3/5 or higher before you can claim the bonus and the minimum deposit amount in order to qualify is £15. The bonus wagering requirement is five times the deposit plus bonus at odds 3/5 or higher.


BetEast is a newer online bookmaker, it was established in 2016, but it covers a pretty wide range of sports and competitions, including of course many MMA matches. You can bet on matches on the day when they take place, or few weeks before that. Even if the odds change later, you will get your payout based on the odds that were valid at the moment when you placed the bet.

In addition to match betting markets and over/under markets, there are also special markets, which include more specific options like one player to win by points in the third round, or a player to win by KO, TKO, disqualification or submission. These bets are usually offered at somewhat higher odds.

BetEast doesn’t currently offer a blanket Welcome Bonus that is offered to all new players and generally the range of promotions only covers certain more popular sports.


Betfred is a respected and popular UK bookmaker that offers MMA betting, but the category is listed as MMA/UFC and most of the events that are available for betting are UFC events. The range of markets is somewhat narrower here, in most cases you will only be able to bet on the outcome of the fight, i.e. who is going to win. The odds are always fair and the bookie profit margin is reasonable.

New punters at Betfred can claim a £30 bonus as soon as they register and deposit at least £10 and then wager them at evens or higher odds. The bonus free bet funds are awarded within 48 hours. You must wager your free bets within 7 days and you will need to wager the amount at least once before you can withdraw any free bet winnings.

Betfred also offers additional promotions on various sports and competitions, but there are currently no special MMA bonuses.


bet365 is one of the leading MMA betting sites, despite the fact that it doesn’t include a specific MMA category, instead you will find these events under the tab Boxing/UFC. And there are many UFC fights available for betting. There are multiple markets, you can place a simple match bet, but also bet on the total number of rounds, on method of victory, whether the fight will go the distance or not, and round betting is also available.

If you register a new account at bet365 you can claim a bonus in the amount of your initial deposit and up to a maximum of £100. Your bet must be settled within 30 days and the minimum qualifying amount is £5. The bet must be placed on a selection at 1/5 odds or higher. In addition to the bonus for new punters, bet365 offers many other promotions and often introduces new offers aimed at different sports, competitions. At the moment there are no UFC betting bonuses that can be placed exclusively on UFC fights, but you can use the New Customer Bonus and bet on UFC.