New Betting Sites in 2019

The Sports Betting Industry is booming and the continuous emergence of new brands of bookmakers is a testament to the industry’s constant expansion. In an industry where a bookmaker’s reputation and reliability is crucial, new bookmakers find it difficult to compete with the established ones who embody such characteristics. The new bookmakers however, have their own advantages. They utilize latest technologies and make themselves more visually appealing and user friendly. They choose their regulatory bodies thereby a means to strengths their reliability. Furthermore, they have a better, rather more carefully analysed, free bet, bonuses and payment structure which only adds to their appeal.

The year 2019 has seen many such bookmakers come into prominence, looking to make their mark by showcasing their uniqueness. Let’s look at some of these new bookmakers that have emerged in 2019.


New Betting Sites in 2019Operated by Argyll Entertainment AG, GiveMeBet is a bookmaker based out of Switzerland subjected to the United Kingdom Gaming License (UKGC) widely regarded as one of the strictest regulatory bodies in the world and under which they have the Standard License, Casino Operating License and Bingo Operating License. GiveMeBet offers a full online Sportsbook covering a wide range of sports markets most notably covering the varied football markets and provides users with good odds for the same. They also provide Virtual Sports betting and are known for their excellent coverage of live betting markets. The two previously mentioned services resonate well with their aim to elevate betting/gambling strictly as a tool for entertainment. Apart from this, they have an aesthetically eye-catching website and an easy to understand user interface. Their Responsible gambling policies are also laudable.

GiveMebet however, has its share of let-downs. It has poor existing customer reviews, a reason for which is its vague/unclear terms and conditions. Further criticism is posed on its customer service and its focus restricted to just the UK markets (Punters from many other countries, notably the US are excluded). The payment methods are limited to deposit/ withdrawals using your Visa/Mastercard and as of now no E-wallets are accepted by them. Funds security is at basic segregation level (Low priority security level) which means that both customer funds and company funds aren’t protected in case of insolvency and while this segregation is accepted with respect to the government’s security rating system, it may repel customers looking for a long-term commitment with the brand.

GiveMeBet’s branding, website usability and service marketing strategy is solid and they manage to push the envelope in the betting industry in terms of promoting it as a form of pure entertainment but if they are to become a prominent and a leading sports bookmaker brand, they will need to improve their functionalities in previously mentioned critical areas.


New Betting Sites in 2019StarSports is widely regarded as one of UK’s leading luxury bookmakers. The firm which already had a well-established telephone betting service by the name Star racing (launched in 1999), went on to acquire a few independent bookmakers and rebranded in 2009 as a means of widening its existing portfolio. In 2018, Star Sports launched an online betting website by the name of and opened a full online Sportsbook. Star Sports is based out of Brighton, UK and much like GiveMeBet, is regulated by the UKGC under which they are subject to the Standard (Remote General Betting) license.

What makes StarSports unique is its traditional approach to betting where instead of betting online, the clientele is provided with a first-class telephonic service to wager their bets. The calls are free and answered by experienced, professional and well-informed traders. They have a reasonable selection of sports markets but what stands out is their focus on the Horse racing market and their horse racing odds are among the best in the UK. They provide a range of bookmaking services from Credit, Debit accounts to even providing Hedging accounts which is uncharacteristic for bookmakers as hedging is a way players make opposing bets consecutive to their original bets as a means to be profitable but at the cost of the bookmakers own profit. Aesthetically, their website design is simple and the user interface is easy to understand. They also provide powerful tracking services which serves as a testament to their technological adeptness.

What lacks however is live streams and their current strategy with respect to promotional offers for customers is weak. Much like GiveMeBet, It’s illegal in USA and a host of other countries. With respect to payments, it accepts Credit Cards but doesn’t yet accept deposits via E-wallets. Its Responsible Gambling policies are not well advertised either. Their funds security level is basic segregation (low priority) and in line with the government’s accepted security rating but for a brand that puts so much emphasis on customer service, you would think they’d adhere to higher security protocols. is reliable (consider being UKGB regulated), provides excellent customer service and is a great site for Horse racing enthusiasts.


New Betting Sites in 2019VStarBet, operated by Progress Play Limited, is an online sports betting site based out of Malta. The site can be considered reliable as it functions its online games in accordance with the Malta Gaming Authority which is considered to be very strict, and is licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. In relation to GiveMeBet and, VStarBet is a lot less known but over time has created a solid sportsbook covering a good range of sports and betting markets covering major sporting events. VStarBet is especially known for its In-play betting section (an up and coming market) and its coverage of E-sports betting markets. The website is visually pleasing with an easy to understand user interface. The strategies behind their promotional activities are all designed in a way to make it as easy as possible for punters to place bets, an example of which is their simple free 10-pound welcome bonus. (Given in accordance with the player depositing 10 pounds from their own funds).

Another big advantage of this site is that it’s open to payment methods outside of card payments and bank transfers. Unlike GiveMeBet or, VStarBet has allowed money deposits from e-wallets such as PayPal, Neteller, Sofort, Zimpler, Skrill, to name just a few, which makes the checkout process much easier for players. VStarBet’s downside however is a lack of reputation which comes from being a relative newcomer in the sports betting scene. Furthermore, their range of sport coverage outside of E-sports is limited and does not guarantee the best odds. Lack of Live streaming is also evident. Their fund security policy, similar to GiveMeBet’s and StarSport’s is Basic Segregation which will make it difficult for them to attract customers looking for a long-term commitment.

VStarBet may not have the widest coverage of sports but with its In-play betting services, is on the right path. Furthermore, it makes it easy for people who are looking to place their first bets and will definitely appeal to people who avidly follow and take interest in E-sports betting.